Outside the Lab

When I’m not doing science, I spend time with my husband, our twins, and our dog. We enjoy the outdoors and our home in the mountains.

I’ve also been an avid runner for most of my life. I was a Virginia state champion miler in high school, ran for a Division I nationally-ranked cross-country team in college, and raced indoor and outdoor track throughout college. Since then I’ve run numerous marathons, 50k’s, and 50-milers. Over the last several years I’ve completed three 100-mile trail runs.


Finish of 2021 Leadville 100 miler with my awesome crew. From left to right, Fred Coogan, Sabine Bildstein, me, Alex Mahan, Kevin Mahan, and Peter Martin (CU TRaIL postdoc). This 100 was especially difficult for me from nausea in last half due to the altitude, which made fueling challenging. Thanks to my crew for problem solving at mile 77 with an alternative nutrition strategy, which enabled me to come back from my lowest race low ever. So happy to make it!


Finish of the 2020 Bear 100 trail run after 100 miles and 22.5k’ ascent/21.5k’ descent through Utah and Idaho. Pic of the best (and best-spirited) crew and pacer team on the course, from left to right: Deb Flowers, Alex Mahan, Kevin Mahan, Lynn Mahan, me, Alexis Ault (CU TRaIL PhD alum), and Dennis Newell. Thanks, you guys!


Final descent to Bear Lake at mile 96-ish of the Bear 100 in 2020.


At finish of my first 100-miler in 2018 with my outstanding pacer/crew team of Philippe Goncalves and Kevin Mahan.